Welcome to My Grandmothers Table!

MY GRANDMOTHER’S TABLE, a new food service in Charlevoix, Michigan, finds full inspiration in . . . my grandmother!  As a boy, her hands guided mine in the creation of foods from around the world.  And her kitchen was frequently full!

Once homeless, my grandmother knew hunger and fear all too well.  Consequently, and with great gratitude for those who took her and her children in, she opened her house to friends, family and strangers, too.  My grandmother clearly paid it forward!

We lived in a melting pot of a town known for its racial and ethnic diversity.  Her joy was in discovering the “tastes of home” for all who came by. It didn’t matter where you were from – Africa, Asia, Latin America, Russia, Poland, Italy and on – she would find a way, through garden-fresh food and an enduring hospitality, to say:  You’re welcome at my table.  You’re welcome in my home.

In honor of this special lady, our mission is to create locally-sourced and internationally-inspired dishes that are wholesome, heartful and tasty, too!  Everyone is welcome at My Grandmother’s Table!

My name is Joe and we look forward to serving you!

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